Prison Information

Address Phone Visitation Hours
2880 N. Pleasants Highway
St. Marys, WV 26170
(304) 684-5500 No Hours Given

The St. Marys Correctional Center is located three-miles north of St. Marys on State Route 2 in Pleasants County. It was formerly known as the Colin Anderson Center, which was established in 1932 by an Act of the Legislature. The Colin Anderson Center was closed in spring of 1998, at which time funding was provided to renovate the facility as a Correctional Center. In the early spring of 1998, the Division of Corrections began the transition to house approximately 450 adult male minimum to medium security inmates at this facility. In addition to general population offenders, the targeted population includes aging, geriatric, special needs and chronic medical offenders with lower custody classification. This is in part to the relatively flat campus and appropriate medical area and staff. St. Marys Correctional Center is also proud to house a 99 bed Residential Substance Abuse Treatment (RSAT) Unit that focuses on inmates with addictions. These inmates are provided with educational classes as well as peer groups that focus on successful reentry back into society. RSAT uses the therapeutic community model to achieve our results. There is also aftercare plans developed so their recovery can continue post release. St. Marys Correctional Center predominately houses medium classification custody inmates. Inmates are prepared for release through education and other needs appropriate classes. Community service is provided with inmate labor at various locations throughout the area as well as non-profit organizations upon request. St. Marys Correctional Center strives to be a good neighbor to the Pleasants County area.