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2075 Avon Belden Rd
grafton, OH 44044
(440) 748-1049 Mon - Fri 9AM-5PM

Volunteers in Prison Lorain Correctional Institution is committed to recruiting dedicated and resourceful volunteers to assist in reentry efforts by providing services to offenders. For additional information on these opportunities or the application process, please contact Laura Solnick at 440-748-1049, ext. 242 or via email at Unique Programs Choose to Move Program is designed to encourage offenders to take the first step in making a powerful choice to do something positive about their health….CHOOSING TO MOVE. Taking action to avoid becoming a victim of heart disease, stroke, high cholesterol, stress, and high blood pressure as well as lowering the risk of developing diabetes is the main objective of the program. The program meets every other week, focusing on developing new skills that will help offenders meet their short term goals that are the building blocks for long-term, life changing health and wellness goals. The program taps into local community resources by utilizing two volunteers who specialize in designing Health & Wellness Programs for Corporations throughout the United States. Together, they weigh each participant, take blood pressure, measure height and waist, and then complete a BMI index. From there each participant will have an individualized plan of action developed. Adding the element of “competition” to the program inspires the participants not only to work hard and dedicate themselves to making life style changes it provides the group with the much needed encouragement and motivation to succeed. Prizes are awarded at the end of the program in several different weight loss categories.